Welcome to "Let's Talk Inclusion", the heartbeat of our ongoing conversation about diversity, inclusion and racial equity. Dive into insights, perspectives, and the latest updates on inclusion and equity from around the world. 
But... ours are not the only insights you will have. We place the spotlight on global leaders, inviting them to shed light on their thoughts about inclusion and equity by answering our 'Inclusion Big 4' questions. 
Together, let's create a more inclusive world.

Black History Month, Saluting our Black sisters.

A personal note from me; October 2023 presents for me another Black History Month with a powerful theme, a beautiful...

Inclusion Big 4 with Cecilia Mutuma-Nwaigbo

      We are honored to have a chance to speak with Cecilia Mutuma-Nwaigbo the Global Director for People...

Embracing Neurodiversity: Celebrating ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month and this is the perfect opportunity for us to take a moment to consider ADHD...

Celebrating Black History Month: A Journey Towards a More Inclusive Future

In our drive for racial equity and inclusivity, we're kindling a passion for celebrating Black history's rich and dynamic heritage....

Inclusion Big 4 with Christos Tsaprounis

        We were delighted to converse with Christos the People and Culture Director at Autotrader, Christos is...

What is Diversity?

Imagine a rainbow – beautiful, isn't it? Diversity is just like that rainbow. It's the blend of various colours, which,...

Inclusion Big 4 With Chris Armstrong

  We recently had the pleasure of checking in with Chris Armstrong. Chris is the Co-Owner of Veritas Culture, who...

Inclusive companies will survive and thrive through the economic downturn.

A note from our CEO, 2023 is already being hailed as a tough year for many with reports of the...
Successful and happy business team

2020 a year for the People Profession

As businesses prepared budgets, teams developed strategies, families planned summer get aways and individuals made new years resolutions – none...

National Inclusion Week 2020

  Our Managing Director Aggie Mutuma partnered with Leathwaite during National Inclusion Week 2020 to answer some burning questions about...