Diversity & inclusion and anti-racism training programmes

We deliver a wide range of awareness, training and education solutions to support you on your inclusion journey. With our ethos of compassionate challenge, we create safe space for open, candid conversations, deep exploration and practical, personal application.

The content and delivery style will be tailored to you and your audience - whether that’s executives, managers or frontline teams. We work with you to get the right outcomes for your inclusion program - and we expertly explore and address the needs of all people in your organisation.

How can we help

Board, C-Suite & Senior Leaders

Senior leaders want to lead with conviction - but opportunities to develop their understanding are infrequent. We give individuals, Boards and Exco teams a safe space for personal learning, along with the knowledge they need to drive meaningful, long-term change for their organisations and its stakeholders.

People &
HR Teams

People teams are expected to take the lead when it comes to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism - but often don’t have the knowledge, support and confidence to do so. We support people professionals to develop deep knowledge and credibility as they take the lead on inclusion in their organisations.

Line Leaders &

Line leaders and managers are expected to deliver knowledge, answers and strategies - as well as ensure staff members feel heard and understood when it comes to D&I. We support them to build deep knowledge and give them the credibility to positively impact diversity and inclusion and create inclusive and psychologically-safe team cultures

Inclusion Education
For All Colleagues

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism - and colleagues can make a positive difference to each other by raising their awareness, knowledge and skill about D&I. We give people the tools and confidence they need to add value to a diverse, inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.


Our education topics are delivered as experiential masterclasses, deep dive micro programmes, immersive workshops and informative webinars for large groups.

Leadership Team Masterclasses

Creating Psychological Safety


D&I Introduction for Managers


HR Team Masterclasses

Developing D&I strategy

Conscious Inclusion

Active Bystander

Developing inclusive recruitment strategy

Inclusive Recruitment for managers

Having Conversations About Race

Leading Effective ERGs

Understanding Allyship

Inclusive Behaviours

Understanding Microaggressions

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