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Donna Campbell

Operations Manager

Donna Campbell
Donna is our Operations Manager.
Having worked directly alongside CEO’s in multi-million pound cooperations for over 10 years, Donna’s organisational and analytical prowess was an integral part in business development strategies for start up companies and managing global operations. 
Her head strong personality took her from an admin job in the banking district of central London to the red carpet of Cannes, where she liased with the rich & famous alike, having a first hand view of the world with the 1%.
During her adventures with the ultra wealthy, Donna gained unprecedented insight into the lack of diversity and inclusion at the very heart of global corporations and entertainment.
Coming from a multiple heritage background, as well as fighting a hidden disability, she experienced first hand the negative profiling that is rife throughout the professional world. Donna was adamant to showcase that talent and work ethic can be found in every person no matter their background, race, ability or orientation. She decided to leave the glittering lights behind to focus on finding true meaning, and use the knowledge she had gained to give back to those who need it most. 
A lover of science, Donna is undertaking a PHD in Biomedical & Healthcare sciences in order to help those who struggle with hidden disabilities, alongside working with charities to focus her efforts on driving forward the importance of acceptance. 
Joining Mahogany Inclusion Partners was a natural part of the process and a perfect fit to the puzzle.