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CBI Panel Discussion Race and Equality: Inclusive recruitment and promotion practices

Our Founder Aggie Mutuma, FCIPD discusses recruitment, retention and progression of black talent with the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Recorded on 10th...

C4 tackles LGBT representation in ads with £1m award

Channel 4 has launched 2019’s £1 million Diversity in Advertising Award, which this year will tackle the lack of representation and...
Dj Mixer

TV & FILM Gender diversity programme announces 2020 mentor pairs

Gender diversity programme for the broadcast technology sector, Rise, has announced the pairing up of mentees and mentors for its...

Let’s talk about race

The floodgates have opened and we are talking about race in a way that we haven’t before. The historic, the...

Hello! We are Mahogany Inclusion Partners.

Hello there! I am so thrilled that I am writing this post. I am thrilled because I know that this...