We understand both sides of this delicate inclusionconversation, the lived experience of underrepresented groups and the conflicting priorities that leadership and HR teams often face when it comes to developing racial equity in their organisations.

We support organisations to develop racial equity strategies, increase competence in race fluency, allyship and brave conversations


In survey after survey, organisations say that the race area of the inclusion journey is the most difficult for them.

Data from the ONS tells us that by 2051, 1 in 5 of the UK population will be from underrepresented ethnic groups.

Recent ethnicity pay gaps and reviews of UK boards show that progress in ethnic diversity in organisations is slow.

Credible reports tell us that ethnically diverse boards outperform those without ethnic diversity by 35%.

How can we help

Anti-Racism Strategy

Creating anti-racist organisations requires commitment, intentionality, sustained action and learning. We provide support to develop a business fit vision, strategy and action pillars before upskilling your people to lead an antiracist culture.

Safe Space Conversations

Working with leadership and HR teams, facilitate workshops to dig deep into exploring the best fit inclusion strategy - combining a clear picture of your current inclusion reality, your future ambition and then outlining the roadmap to achieve your goals.

Support For People of Colour

We provide your people of colour with coaching, empathetic support, workshops and empowerment / development programmes as they heal from racial trauma. We work with you to ensure that the needs of your people are addressed and form a key part of your strategy.

HR Team Specialist Advisory

We will support your People teams as a trusted advisor, assisting with messaging, interventions, coaching and safe space conversations. We also offer ongoing support with ER issues, acting as external investigators and mediators should you need us to do so.

Affinity Groups & Employee Networks

We develop engaging and effective resource groups that form a key part of anti-racist strategy. We handle 3 broad areas - working with your leadership team, programme structure and setting networks up for success.

Mutual Mentoring Programmes

Mutual mentoring can be a powerful strategy to lower barriers to progression for underrepresented ethnicities and increase awareness and knowledge in leadership of perspectives. We support the scoping, setup and review process of mutual mentorship programmes

What our clients have to say


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