Big Inclusion 4 – Aggie Mutuma

We heard from no other than Aggie Mutuma the Mahogany Inclusion Partners CEO. Aggie is an award-winning Diversity & Inclusion/Anti-racism expert who is a trusted voice in the Inclusion space. Here’s what Aggie had to say:

1. What do you think is the biggest challenge organisations are facing when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion right now?

There are many challenges facing organisations when it comes to DEI. My experience partnering with organisations tells me that the biggest challenge is obtaining leadership buy-in. Many struggle to articulate the business’s ‘why’, the organisation’s ‘what’ and the strategic ‘how’ which is why engaging and galvanising the leadership team behind DEI becomes a challenge. Working with leaders to explore, articulate and then communicate the DEI ‘why’ for the organisation is a vital first step which sets the ambition for each organisation’s inclusive culture.


2. Why do you think diversity, equity and inclusion are important?

Let’s start with the fact that creating an environment that welcomes everyone, grows everyone, rewards everyone and allows everyone to thrive is just the right thing to do.

By doing the right thing, organisations can create a culture where everyone is aligned with the organisation’s purpose, clear on their roles and working towards enabling the business to win. Inclusive cultures win.

Ultimately great cultures are inclusive cultures. Great leadership is inclusive leadership.

3. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to make the right change in their organisation right now? 

Very often, organisations struggle to change because they aren’t yet clear on their ‘why’.

It is therefore important to understand your unique business, the industry, the context and how specifically inclusion supports organisational aims.

It is then important to communicate that ‘why’ to all stakeholders, helping them to make that connection at an organisational, function, team and personal level.

4. What do you love about what you do? 

I love the fact that the work I do aligns so closely with my personal purpose which is to spread love and light. I love that I get to have conversations that matter, do work that improves the working lives of so many people, work that helps organisations win and work that makes the world a more inclusive place.

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