Inclusion and Executive Coaching

We combine our D&I expertise and our executive behaviour change coaching to support organisations and their leaders as they create sustainable, inclusive and winning cultures.

Creating truly diverse and inclusive cultures requires long term, business aligned, inclusive strategies, policies and procedures as well as sustained significant behaviour change. To enable significant breakthroughs, deep understanding and sustained authentic commitment, organisations need a combination of wide-ranging awareness and educational programmes at all levels and 1-2-1 support, coaching and advisory for key individuals.

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Executive Leadership Teams

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Coaching Outcomes
  • Organisation inclusion vision

  • Leadership team alignment

  • Organisation values aligned

  • Authentic organisation voice

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Strategy leadershop

  • Shared accountability

Executive Leadership 1 to 1

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Coaching Outcomes
  • Inclusive leadership

  • Authentic inclusion voice

  • Creating psychological safety

  • Increased self awareness

  • Values congruence

  • Tackling your biases

  • Deep mindset shifts

People and D&I Leadership

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Coaching Outcomes
  • Organisation inclusion Vision

  • D&I / racial equity strategy

  • Inclusive recruitment strategy

  • Stakeholder engagemen

  • Inclusion values

  • Education programmes

  • Principles, policies, ER

Underrepresented leaders and talent

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Coaching Outcomes
  • Support to heal from trauma

  • Dealing with microaggressions

  • Growing in self belief

  • Finding your authentic voice

  • Reframing imposter syndrome

  • Self awareness and self love

  • The power of your identity

Network leads and chairs

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Coaching Outcomes
  • The power of networks

  • Leading effective networks

  • Stakeholder management

  • Network strategies

  • Effective communication

  • Accountability frameworks

  • Collaboration

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