Big Inclusion 4 – Karen Gracey

We are delighted to speak to our very own Karen Gracey who is the Mahogany Inclusion Partners Executive assistant.  Karen is the glue that keeps Mahogany together and is instrumental to the work we deliver to our clients.

1. What do you think is the biggest challenge organisations are facing when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion right now? 

While progress has been made in raising awareness about DEI issues, many organisations struggle to implement comprehensive strategies that lead to genuine equity and inclusion. There needs to be a long-term commitment; leaders in the organisation need to show that they really care and want to make things better. DEI is an ongoing journey and not a one-time project. Organisations must commit to sustained efforts, adapting strategies as needed and remaining open to continuous learning.


2. Why do you think diversity, equity and inclusion are important? 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important because they make our world fairer, more creative, and more respectful. It helps us build stronger teams, communities, and societies. When we have different people, we get different viewpoints and ways of thinking, which in turn helps us come up with better solutions to problems, making the world a better place for everyone.


3. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to make the right change in their organisation right now? 

Take Small Steps: Big changes can feel overwhelming. Start by making small, manageable changes that you can handle. Over time, these small steps can add up to big improvements.

Talk to Others: Don’t be afraid to talk to your co-workers or even your boss. Sometimes, sharing your ideas and concerns can lead to helpful discussions and new solutions.

Listen to Different Perspectives: Sometimes, other people might have great ideas too. Listen to what your teammates have to say and try to understand their point of view.

Stay Patient: Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for things to get better. So, don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results.

Learn and Adapt: If something you tried doesn’t work out, that’s okay. Learn from it and try a different approach. Flexibility is important when trying to make changes.

Celebrate Progress: Whenever you make even a little progress, celebrate it! Every step forward is a step closer to the positive changes you want to see.

Keep Learning: The more you learn about the issues and different ways to make changes, the better equipped you’ll be. Keep reading, talking to people, and growing your knowledge.

Remember, even though it might be tough, your efforts to make things better in your organisation are important and can have a big impact over time. Just keep trying, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!


4. What do you love about what you do? 

I can honestly say that Mahogany Inclusion Partners is the best company I have ever worked for. Aggie and Habee are inspirational, motivated leaders and I am constantly in awe of the work they do and the passion they have. It’s always deeply satisfying to hear feedback from organisations about how Mahogany has transformed their workplace and influenced people within their business. I feel totally at ease in my role and confident enough to truly be myself, with all my imperfections, and be supported in the workplace. It is amazing to be part of something that is changing people’s lives and making the world a better, more inclusive place.