Black History Month, Saluting our Black sisters.

A personal note from me;

October 2023 presents for me another Black History Month with a powerful theme, a beautiful invitation ‘Saluting our sisters’.

This theme “plays homage to Black women who had contributions ignored, ideas appropriated, and voices silenced”, it is an opportunity to see, recognise and amplify Black women.

As I consider this, I find myself reflecting on the strength, resilience, and immeasurable contributions of Black women. For all the progress we’ve made and the obstacles we’ve overcome, the spotlight on our collective achievements is both empowering and essential.

The Importance of Saluting Our Sisters

Saluting our sisters is about commemorating Black women who have made headlines or broken barriers. It’s also about acknowledging the everyday heroes: the mothers, the teachers, the nurses, the activists, the creators and the visionaries. It’s about recognising that the world we know today would be fundamentally different without the contributions of Black women.

From Sojourner Truth to Rosa Parks, from Maya Angelou to Kamala Harris, Black women have carved paths in every field imaginable. Yet, our achievements often go unnoticed or under appreciated. Hence, a month dedicated to celebrating us serves as a vital reminder, not just of our past accomplishments, but also of the promising future that lies ahead.

The Unique Experience of Black Women

The term ‘Intersectionality’ was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe the unique experiences faced by Black women, who are not just fighting against one form of oppression but multiple intersecting forms—race, gender, and often, social class. It’s important to remember that while we all may share common goals of equality and justice, our journeys are not the same. The challenges that Black women face are compounded by a system that often overlooks us, and underestimates us, but can never break us.

We bring a different lens to the table, one that’s rich in perspective and steeped in invaluable experience. Our voices are not just important; they are necessary. We’ve had to navigate worlds that were not designed with us in mind, and yet here we are, pushing boundaries, shattering ceilings, and creating spaces that celebrate us, for us.

How will you salute our Black sisters?

As we continue to honour the incredible Black women during this month and every month, let’s also think about the legacy we want to create for the generations to come. Let’s think about the kind of world where a young Black girl, regardless of her background, can look up and see limitless possibilities, not insurmountable challenges.

So, if your organisation is committed to creating meaningful change for Black people, get in touch, I would love to hear what you have planned for Black History Month 2023 and beyond.

Together, let’s make the theme of ‘Saluting Our Sisters’ not just a month-long celebration, but a lifetime commitment.