Inclusion Big 4 with Cecilia Mutuma-Nwaigbo




We are honored to have a chance to speak with Cecilia Mutuma-Nwaigbo the Global Director for People and Culture at Vertex Inc. Cecilia is a transformative HR Strategist with a Proven track record of success in raising the bar on inclusion, employee engagement, and devising robust HR strategies.





1. What do you think is the biggest challenge organizations are facing when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion right now?

Creating and maintaining the positive momentum needed for impactful change is a big challenge. With the global economic uncertainty we are facing, leaders are being mandated to do less with more. Unfortunately, learning and DEI budgets are usually the first to be in the firing line in these frugal times, and these initiatives tend to be deprioritized.

2. Why do you think diversity, equity, and inclusion are important?

The moral and business cases for DEI are still as strong as they have always been. Data consistently shows that diverse organizations can increase their revenue by up to 40%. A more diverse and equitable culture benefits all employees in the organization, as well as reflects the communities we operate in.

3. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to make the right change in their organization right now?

Engage in conversations with leaders to truly understand what the barriers to change are. Constructively highlighting where the values/mission of the business are misaligned with their actions and investment in moving forward change initiatives.

4. What do you love about what you do?

I love partnering with the business to achieve their goals and successfully deliver their strategy. It is very fulfilling working towards creating a positive culture for all.

If you would like to hear more from Cecilia you can find her LinkedIn profile here